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SNWA Water Ways October 2013 Most recent video!

Norm is at it again! Check him out in the October 2013 Water Ways segment discussing how to keep your new water smart landscape looking good.

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Russelia Equisetiformis (Coral Fountain) 2

Russelia Equisetiformis (Coral Fountain)

Norm visits one of our recent landscape projects! “In the March 2012 episode of Water Ways, learn the dos and donts when it comes to planting, receive expert advice on getting the most out of your landscape investment, find out more about spring watering restrictions and learn all about the desert’s toughest plants.”


From Las Vegas Springs Preserve:

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Springs Season:Some Like It Hot

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Springs Season:Flower Power

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Springs Season: Green Gold

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Springs Season: Winter Wander

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Snwa: Landscape Tips for Summer

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