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About Us

Norm Schilling is owner of Schilling Horticulture Group in Las Vegas. His prior experience includes Horticulture Supervisor at UNLV and Lead Groundskeeper at the Gardens at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve (formerly the Desert Demonstration Garden), and LVVWD.


One plant, one tree, one landscape at a time, we beautify the neighborhoods and communities in which we work. We improve the quality of life through environmentally friendly and sustainable landscape services.

Our Services

Includes: Consultation, Design and Installation, Landscape Renovation, Tree Care by Certified Arborists, Hardscape Design and Installation (pavers, flagstone, retaining walls, and lighting), Plant Health Care, Irrigation, and Maintenance.

Presentation Handouts

Norm Schilling's informational articles to help Southern Nevada gardeners
At Schilling Horticulture, we feel very differently about landscaping, or horticulture as we prefer to call it.
A well-designed, installed and maintained landscape becomes an extension of our indoor living space. It should invite you to use, enjoy, and explore it through wonderful combinations of forms, colors, fragrances, and movement. Your landscape should be beautiful and inviting year-round, with plants chosen to add appeal, even in those times of the year when gardens are challenged for beauty and interest.