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Principles for Successful Gardening in Southern Nevada
Plant Water Needs, Water Zones, and Mulch
There are 3 basic plant types in terms of water needs:
1. Moderate water users (also known as “traditional” plants)
2. Low water users (also known as desert plants)
3. Low water users (Desert plants) that can take more water… download article

Prune It Right!
In general:
· Trees are a long term, and very valuable investment, both for the pleasure they provide, and for their financial value.
· Think ahead as you prune, to next year, three years and five or more.
· An adherence to long-term developmental pruning gives wonderful aesthetic rewards.
· Keep in mind the natural growth habits of the tree.
· Shrubs are small trees, trees are large shrubs; the same pruning techniques apply to both… download article

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