Steve’s Underutilized Trees for Small Yards: Quercus turbinella

Steve Glimp is our leading Certified Arborist here at Schilling Horticulture. He has studied Conservation Biology, Ornamental Horticulture, and has experience as a Field Botanist. He has created this compilation of trees ideal for small gardens that he believes have been underutilized in Southern Nevada. This series of posts will explore those trees and hopefully help spread some well-deserved appreciation for them!

Quercus turbinella; Photo credit:

Quercus turbinella; Photo credit:

Quercus turbinella
This shrubby tree has been described as “picturesque and very ornamental”.

  • Begins small and shrubby growing to 8-10 feet tall and wide within a few years
  • Can become larger with time and some supplemental water
  • Evergreen
  • Drought tolerant
  • Beautiful intricate branching pattern
  • Food source and habitat for many species of birds
  • Quercus turbinella; photo credit AH Harnes

    Quercus turbinella; Photo credit: AH Harris